Promoting the Movement

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Worldwide examples of Direct Democracy in action


“How Taiwan got one of the world´s best direct democracy laws.” 2018 Article by People2Power



How Estonia structures the voting portal (click English translation top left when on site webpage)

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Click the link below to read about an article called ” A.V.Dicey – The Referendum as The People’s Veto” Mads Qvortrup

Recommended Reading

1.Democracy on Demand – Matt Qvortrup

2.Let the People Rule – John Matsusaka

3.Swiss Watching: Inside the Land of Milk & Money – Diccon Bewes

4.Swiss Democracy in a Nutshell – Vincent Kucholl

5.Propaganda – Edward Bernays

6.An Open Elite? England 1540-1880 Lawrence Stone & Jeanne C. Fawtier Stone

7.Foundations of the American Century – Inderjeet Parmar

8.The Corporate Rich and the Power Elite in the Twentieth Century – G. William Domhoff

9.Wealth and Power in America – Gabriel Kolko

10.Superhubs: How the Financial Elite & Their Networks Rule Our World – Sandra Navidi

11.Direct Democracy Today – Simon Gregory