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Neil Petrie launches an all-out assault on those parties and politicians failing the voters. In “One Vote Away” he provides a proven but little heralded means to end our slide towards a global totalitarian dystopia: a hybrid part-representative, part-direct democracy. He looks to the Swiss model, a system that has prospered for 175 years, with its people the happiest in the world with their political system. The hybrid was born in 1848, the same year that Marx unleashed his totalitarian handbook, The Communist Manifesto. The Swiss hybrid is not only the clear winner over the Marxists, but also over the representative democracies currently collapsing across the West. The Swiss lead the world in educational, social, and financial wellbeing surveys, and the secret to their success? That the people have the final say on the laws they must live with, not the politicians. Not only that, their politicians run a country more heavily populated than Scotland, but they only work 12 weeks a year and are only paid a daily rate, often holding down normal jobs. Over 130 years ago, A.V.Dicey, Britain’s most eminent constitutional lawyer, lost faith in pure representative democracy, and came to support the Swiss hybrid’s reliance on the referendum.  It is time we learned from Dicey and took control: we need to elect those supporting the hybrid, the people, and letting us have the final decision over where our destiny lies. We can save the West, but we must kick out the political clowns who have failed us so disasterously. All Just One Vote Away.


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Are our politicians truly serving the people, or has the trust in representative democracy been compromised? In this groundbreaking book, we delve into the pressing questions surrounding political transparency, accountability, and genuine representation. “Direct Democracy NOW” challenges conventional wisdom and explores a radical approach to address the shortcomings of our current political systems.

Is there a need for greater political transparency and accountability?
Are citizens authentically represented, and if not, why?
Could Direct Democracy offer a more effective alternative?
How does Direct Democracy function, and what lessons can we draw to fortify democracy against erosion?