The Board

Neil Petrie

An army intelligence officer for 16 years, then for two decades a company and regional director in the security field in central Asia and the middle east. Neil has been an active advocate for freedom and real democracy since his teens, and is now on the board of the UK’s Direct Democracy Movement. His book “One Vote Away” details the reality of power, manipulative elites (on the left and right), and their control of the political system and the people. The book is not just informative, it is a handbook for those who love liberty and true democracy. As well as detailing the problems, he offers a solution – a hybrid system combining the benefits of both direct and representative democracy. In addition to system changes supported by Britain’s most famous constitutional lawyer, his book details a voting platform that provides a way forward, allowing voters to control their destiny and the creation of a democracy that our forebears dreamed of and fought for. One Vote Away.