January 2024

Neil Petrie is interviewed about his new book “Day of Reckoning”

December 2023

Carl Benjamin and Andrew Bridgen MP discuss Direct Democracy

November 2023

Neil is interviewed about his book; what inspired him to write it.

November 2023

Neil chats with an old military friend, Chris Thrall. What do the veterans think is going on?? How to spread the word about Direct Democracy.

November 2023

Neil Petrie presenting at the Great Resist – Direct Democracy and Blocvote versus Representative Democracy. (An alternative zoom presentation now on Rumble, to replace the Great Resist event which was cancelled. )

November 2023

What happened to the planned third Great Resist conference on November 11th…why did it get cancelled…Richard Vobes who would have been the compere, shares his thoughts…9/11/2023

September 2023

Neil Petrie explains Direct Democracy and Richard Bourner explains the Blocvote app :Peterborough “Great Resist” meeting on September 2nd 2023

October 2023

DIRECT  DEMOCRACY  AND  BLOCVOTE .An explanation at a recent DD Board meeting from Richard Bourner :  Oct 24th 2023, Wakefield.

September 2023

September 23rd 2023 – Neil Oliver on GBNews. DIRECT DEMOCRACY – Too dangerous to be Mentioned?

June 2023

11 minute video called “THE GREAT RESIST : THE PEOPLES ANSWER TO THE GREAT RESET.” Filmed in Newport on June 24th 2023.

March 2023

Neil is interviewed by Richard Vobes in March 2023 “A  HYBRID  DEMOCRACY?.”